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Customers in the center

Customer Experience Design

Customer experience design allows you to define solutions, processes, and services from the customer's perspective.

Customer experience design is about focusing on the quality of the customer experience and the ideas, emotions, and memories that these moments generate. In the contact center context, customer experience design is first of all driven by accessibility, namely the consideration of the different channels (touchpoints) which people and organizations can use to interact with each other.

Design the Experience

Integrate the contact center in the whole customer experience

Parts of the customer experience design, such as products and services, are not directly under control of the contact center management, but the integration and automation of business process are. Gathering customer data from back-office systems and unifying it with the contact center data is crucial to provide a consistent experience across all touch points, be it the contact center, points of sale, bank agencies, or others.

Eliminate department siloes

Customer experience design is all about eliminating department siloes and a unified, global approach will help avoid most problems that make customers unsatisfied. So for example, it will prevent inconsistencies in customer experience across the whole journey which are caused by underused organization resources or unsynchronized processes.

Imagine the customer journey, step by step, feature per feature

Each and every step of the customer journey has to be thought of as a part of the customer experience. This makes customer experience design a top-down process. It starts from a global perspective and goes down to the analysis of each specific features, resulting in a holistic approach:

  • Implement IVRs, voice or visual, to improve self-service capabilities as an optional, yet useful path for the customer journey.
  • Use intelligent and proactive routing based on full customer data to target the right agent with the right answer for the customer, regardless or the channel.
  • Optimize your workforce and provide your agents with full customer knowledge, from all departments, eliminating data siloes.

Improve the customer experience design

We live in a fast paced world and everything is changing quickly - customers, offers, products, and even competitors. You need to consider this in your customer experience design and be agile when tailoring the customer journey. Therefore, the ability to adapt to each and every new situation is another key best-practice. Customer satisfaction is your best but also most volatile asset. Use customer feedback, reporting, business and big data analytics to think and rethink the design for continuous improvement of the customer experience.

We will help you design the best customer experience possible

Design the complete customer journey

Break company department silos

Gives agents the right tools

Deliver each interaction to the right resource