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Customer Engagement: Understanding Customers

Gain maximum customer engagement by understanding your customers and providing them with relevant and appropriate services.

Over the last decade the importance of customer engagement has greatly increased. Today customers have more power than ever before and they are very well aware of it. Modern customers know they can demand excellent service and that if their needs are not met nothing hinders them from changing to the competition. The big diversity of similar products, the easy access to information and the rise social media has turned customers into informed consumers that can easily promote or demote a brand with a simple comment. Now more than ever, companies must excel in the service they provide to meet customer needs and generate high customer engagement levels.

understand your customer

The contact center as the direct link to your customers

The contact center is the company department held most responsible for delivering a great customer experience. It is the company´s direct interaction channel for customer engagement and therefore must pay special attention to use all customer information available to anticipate customer needs and exceed their expectations.

The importance of customer data

From a general perspective on raising customer engagement levels and understanding customers and their needs, the questions that companies must ask themselves are:

  • What, How and Why going for Intelligent Campaigns?
  • Do we know what our customers really want and need?
  • Do we understand the common needs that all of our customers have, as well as the unique needs of each of them?
  • Is our customer data integrated and easily accessible across the company (or is it stuck in siloes)?
  • Do the right employees have access to the right information about your customers?

Contact centers must be able to answers all these questions with a solid “yes” to be able to deliver the highest levels of customer engagement and offer an excellent customer experience. A unified customer view and advanced analytics enable contact centers to interpret the big data information about each customer. So for example at Altitude, we support multiple customer engagement channels and have our unified solution integrating and unifying all obtained customer information. Agents are offered an omnichannel view of the customer, that is, they are aware of the full customer journey, throughout different channels and department and can gain a clear insight into the customer needs.

Asking your customers what they want

Understanding customers is not easy, but you can start exploring their needs and expectations by simply asking them what they think. Customer engagement surveys give you valuable insights and make your customers feel valued and appreciated. Altitude allows companies to quickly set up IVR campaigns to for example, conduct a customer satisfaction survey to find out about the success of a specific product. IVR campaigns run at almost no extra cost and enable companies to find out first hand relevant commercial information.

Listening and understanding

Listening to and understanding customers while continuously improving the customer experience is a key requisite for the success of your business. Customers are your best asset and word-of-mouth still the best referral you can get. Moreover, it comes completely for free.

We will help you better understand your customers

Use automatic agents to improve the understanding of your customers

Offer customers the freedom of choice

Give your customers easy and 24x7 access to information

Monitor and act upon changing customer trends