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Different Industries. Different Customer Expectations.

Over the last decade customer expectations have been constantly increasing, but not all industries have been equally committed on following this trend to keep up with the modern customer needs.

Admittedly, up until now customer expectations have not been equally high for all industries. This, however, is changing and people want excellent customer service from their bank, their mobile operator and as well their water supplier.

Nevertheless, customer expectations of what is considered excellent customer service vary from industry to industry. So for example, a bank needs to offer a complete omnichannel experience with physical branches, online banking, mobile apps, sms notifications and phone calls. For a retail company the channel requirements are similar, but it will also include social media, require a stronger engagement with customers and a bi directional communication flow. On the other hand, customer expectations of a healthcare company are less demanding and customers do not require much more than the ability to contact the company by phone and receive sms messages with reminders for upcoming appointments.

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