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Altitude IP Switch

Altitude’s IP switch, Altitude vBox, is a free, complete, stable, and reliable IP switch for contact centers, based on Asterisk, the world’s most popular open source telephony project.

Altitude vBox was optimized by Altitude for performance, scalability, usability, and direct integration with Altitude Xperience, our unified communications solution. It allows your company to quickly expand operations to meet dynamic business needs.


Altitude IP Switch supports PRI and SIP trunks, giving companies the freedom to choose the device that better fits their needs. Additionally, it can also run on existing PBX infrastructure.


Down time usually means lost business and angry customers. Altitude vBox´s high availability feature has automatic back up mechanisms to ensure that operations are not disrupted if one or more core servers fail. For example, if a problem occurs with the server, connected calls are automatically transferred to the backup server and business runs as usual.


Altitude IP switch gives the contact center the flexibility to grow according to the required needs. It can easily scale from tens to thousands of agents. Altitude IP switch is the right solution for a rapid deployment of new sites or as a tie into legacy infrastructures.


When compared with mainstream PBX solutions, Altitude vBox has very low total cost of ownership. It is based on open source telephony software and has no license costs, only maintenance expenses. Contact centers with legacy PBX infrastructure can still leverage it while at the same time implementing IP to get the next generation contact center.

Freedom of choice

Altitude IP switch drives contact center growth and gives companies the freedom of choice in what concerns deployment. It can be deployed on premises, hosted, or on the cloud reducing infrastructure costs and improving business results.