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Altitude Xperience: A Complete Solution For Your Unified Customer Interactions

A fully integrated contact center plays a crucial role on the overall value of your company. Altitude’s unified customer interactions suite, Altitude Xperience, allows your company to adopt a complete customer centric strategy.

Altitude Xperience is a modular solution that grows with your business needs. The suite includes a universal queue that gathers all activities, regardless of media type and a complete workflow solution that links all departments of your company. It offers agents a unified agent desktop that gives them an omnichannel view of all customer interactions and allows to provide an excellent customer experience. It also provides managers and supervisors with a unified management application, accessible from anywhere, allowing to keep up with the needs of the modern, dynamic contact centers. Additionally, Altitude offers its own free, SIP based, IP switch called Altitude vBox that will enable your company to quickly expand operations at a very reduced cost.

The Altitude Xperience solution connects all customer interactions and touch points for a unified view of the customer journey. It allows contact centers to create a completely customer centric strategy by optimizing campaigns, better managing high call volumes, increasing performance with automated IVR campaigns, or matching agent skills with customer needs. All this improves customer interactions and increases customer loyalty.

The simplicity of end user application interfaces, such as the agent desktop or the management portal, that hide very complex operations, is key to a reduced learning curve. So for example, agents need just a single day training to be able to “wow” with the most positive experience during customer interactions.

A complete contact center suite for all your needs

A free, complete and reliable IP switch for contact centers

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