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Sonia Comajuan

Published on Mar 15, 2019 at 9:53 am in

Sonia Comajuan is originally from Barcelona, Spain. With a Telecommunications Engineering masters degree by the UPC (Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya) and a PDG (Program in General Direction/Management) by IESE Business School, Sonia is PMP certified and accredited in Global Project Management for complex Telecommunication Projects (GPM) by Alcatel-Lucent. She is an Operations Transformation leader with broad international experience in the IT and Telco sector. Sonia has a strong Technology and Processes background, allowing her to drive Business Improvement through Efficiency, People Engagement, Digitalization and Customer Experience focus.


She has been part of Altitude Software for 6 years, but before joining Altitude, Sonia developed her career at Alcatel-Lucent through diverse executive international positions, the latest one being Global VP Quality and Customer Satisfaction and Director of Operations and Global Project Management, as well as executive board member at QuEST Forum. Her role is leading the worldwide Customer Care organization, comprising Technical Support, Service Reliability and Infrastructure, Operation Services, and Global Quality, with the mission to assist our customers in their daily operations, in whatever problem, doubt or need they may have, in a seamless way, so that they can focus on their business.


Sonia’s strive for excellence is always looking for continuous improvement and new ways of improving our service to our customers. As our real expert in the field, she is completely convinced that the key to an excellent Customer Experience is to care about your customers and your employees as you would care for your family: you care everyday about them so that everything is right, in a seamless way.


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