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The on-demand Society needs a new Contact Center model

Published on Aug 31, 2017 at 7:07 am in Blog

The only way through which a Company can come close to our demands in this new society on demand is by using the contact center to try to anticipate to the customer’s behavior, shap it and get the most appropriate tools in order to enhance those sequences of interactions or “golden moments”. This is what we call Customer Journey.

With the aim of maximizing the advantages of this type of model, we must gather information at every contact point and ensure that we make it available in all the remaining channels, following four key requirements.

Nowadays, we live within a society where companies, in order to survive in an ever-competitive environment, must have an eye on us and our whims. As customers and users, we might want anything, anytime and anywhere. Further, we want everything instantly. We, customers and users, request companies to adapt their products to our likes, to remember our priorities and to be able to put themselves in our shoes.

In this new society on demand, the mobile phone and the web browser come up as the client’s greatest weapons. Both of them comprise a combination of channels that we decided to use at any time at our convenience. We can combine audio, video, chat, file sharing, and other forms of communication in a single interaction. Messaging apps play a major role in these conversations, as they are the channel in which we spend most of our communicative time, mainly because it is possible to combine, in a flexible way, all those forms of communication.

With the aim of maximizing the advantages of this type of model, we must gather information at every contact point and ensure that we make it available in all the remaining channels, following four key requirements:

1.Data integration within the Customer Journey
The first thing for a current Contact Center comes by its absolute integration at different stages, such as the level of information, both requested and delivered, with the remaining tools that belong to the Customer Journey (CRM apps, tools for Marketing Campaigns management, etc…)

2.The “Omnichannel” Customer
The second requirement focuses on being able to manage, at all times, the channel that the customer chooses to contact us. It is what we call an “omnichannel” tool.

The investment in integrated tools of “omnichannel” management will open the doors to us so as to increase our revenues by client and interaction.

3.Human and Virtual Assistant
Our agents, either virtual or human, stand as the counterpart during the interaction. Investments on these sorts of tools will allow us to reduce the operational cost that, eventually, is the main one in the customer service.

As long as we can deliver a quality management of an interaction, with a high convenience for the client, we will choose a virtual attention resource (self-service: web, chatbot, etc …) always ensuring that there is a possibility for the user to escalate his request to a channel serviced by a human agent (chat, audio, video).

Then, the third requirement of a current Contact Center tool is to enable management options by human and virtual agents, providing in each case the possibility of designing the interaction to maximize customer satisfaction.

4.Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial intelligence is a transversal technology that is transforming the three key aspects of Contact Center tools: the distribution of interaction, its management and the exploitation of information. They are algorithms that allow to automatically extract answers from the analysis of large sources of information

Besides, this technology is revolutionizing the way virtual assistants, or bots, can understand our requests and give us an appropriate response in each context, but can also assist a human agent during a conversation, providing recommendations in real time.

In the distribution phase of the interactions, artificial intelligence helps us to associate the client that contacts us through any channel at any moment, with the most appropriate agent to manage their need.

Finally, in the information analysis phase, artificial intelligence automatically detects patterns of behavior in our clients and agents that help improve both Contact Center processes and other key processes of the company.

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