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Videos & Demos

Altitude’s videos explain our solutions and how they help you to engage with your customers to improve their experience.

Boost your eCommerce business

Watch this demo to learn how to boost your eCommerce business with Xperience Proactive.

Omnichannel Customer Expectations

We live in a world of interconnectivity. We interact with our friends and family over several channels and devices and we expect to be able to the same when communicating with businesses.


2-minute demo to discover Altitude Xperience, a complete, out-of-the-box solution that enables companies to meet their customer experience challenges.

Understanding your Customer

Know and Understand Your Customer to Design a Successful Customer Journey

Agent Empowerment

Agent Mary controls her work and makes decisions to keep Mr. Smith a very happy customer. Learn how to motivate and empower agents to be more efficient, productive, and customer oriented.

Campaign Optimization

Learn how to optimize campaigns to improve business results while providing the most excellent customer experience

Customer Journey

Mr. Smith meets agent Mary and finds true love on a contact center. Follow Mr. Smith’s customer journey to see how we help you engage with customers to make their interaction a memorable experience.

Altitude Xperience - Insideview

Pay small, experience big. Samuel Jirenius, lead developer, shares his thoughts on Altitude´s cloud based Contact Center solution