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What is a Call Center Auto Dialer?

Published on Feb 01, 2020 at 10:12 am in Blog

A call center auto dialer is a software application that automates the outbound dialing process by dialing phone numbers automatically, connecting only answered calls to agents to increase performance. The automated dialing process leverages customer information to determine the best time and the most economic way to successfully call a contact, taking into consideration the available human resources and compliance with legislation.

Unlike a manual dial system, where  agents need to go through a list of numbers, spend time dialing the numbers, wait until the customer answers, an auto dialer automatically dials the phone numbers, highly increasing business productivity.

The auto dialer has several types of dialing modes (power, preview, progressive, and predictive) that businesses can use depending on the size of the business and the need.


Why do Call Centers Need an Auto Dialer?

An auto dialer highly increases call center productivity and it is recommended for all call centers of all sizes. It is appropriate from a few to thousands of agents. It is the dialing mode that adapts to the size and types of business.

Call centers use the auto dialer for the following:

Cross sell and up sell– It gives an extra set of features, such as 360º customer view that empower call center agents to do more than just handle the issue at hand.

Lead generation – The phone is still the most widely used communication channel and cold calling is still a very much used sales technique to reach out to prospects and improve lead generation.

Lead conversion – Modern companies use a wide variety of communication channels, including digital channels, to generate leads. However, they do need to be followed up for qualification, nurturing and closing                   and  the phone is used to perform those tasks.

Surveys – Customers are the only reason why businesses exist. To improve products and sales the company may use the call center to reach out to customers and get their feedback about products and services. An                  automated dialer calls the highest number of people in the shortest time frame.


What Are the Benefits of Implementing a Contact Center Auto Dialer?

Boost operational efficiency

Auto dialer software prevents the loss of time with wrong numbers, call answering times, and so on. Call centers can even put in place a call classifier to further improve the call classification. Delivering only connected calls to agents highly increases agent productivity.


Increase talk time

Auto dialing eliminates significantly reduces the time agents spend manually dialing numbers and waiting for a live answer. This fact leaves agents with more time to concentrate on the on the most important: the customer. A more personalized attention certainly has its positive tow on customer engagement.


Reduce idle time

In addition to increasing agent talk time, auto dialers minimize agent idle time by filtering disconnected, not answered, wrong person, busy calls, etc. By delivering only calls connected to the right person agents have more time to drive sales, collect debt, and so on.


Improve conversion ratio

An auto dialer gives agility to outbound calling operations to enhance lead conversion rate.  Features such as preview show information about the caller before the call is made, enabling agents to agents to have a detailed, customized, and personalized conversation with customers, significantly improving the customer experience.


Comply with legislation

Legal regulations must be followed by all companies to avoid heavy fines, cost litigation, negative publicity, and so on by respecting dialing regulations be it in terms of nuisance ratios for predictive dialing, phone numbers that are part of DNCLs (Do Not Call Lists) or others. Auto dialers technology enables companies to be legislation compliant.

Celia Cerdeira

Celia Cerdeira

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