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What is an IVR

Published on Jun 09, 2020 at 4:59 pm in Blog

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a call center technology system that enables automated agents to interact with a human contact through the use of voice, DTMF tones using a keypad, and others.

An IVR flow at the call center efficiently helps customers whether through self-service or by routing them to the most appropriate agent or department.

IVRs are configured according to the individual business needs and they enable companies to focus on their customer´s experience.  It all depends on the simplicity and flexibility of the scripting tool used to configure the IVR scripts.

IVR systems:

  • Improve the customer experience by offering the most excellent customer service.
  • Reduce the number of unanswered or abandoned calls by offering a dynamic menu with different choices.
  • Automate calls to improve productivity.
  • Save costs with human resources and hardware.

Call Center IVR systems have enough flexibility to be customized for the needs of any business, regardless of size or type.



Intelligent IVR technology supports automated call handling allowing companies to deal with a high number of calls with no added costs.

It identifies and handles callers’ issues or proactively reaches out to customers in a completely automated way. However, if necessary, it can transfer the call to a human agent without losing context.


Agent assisted

Combine the power of an automated IVR solution with the know how of the call center human agents to optimize operation costs and offer the best customer experience.

The IVR gathers important information to help the human agent handle the caller more efficiently and successfully.


What are the benefits of an IVR?

IVRs are a great tool for companies to reach more customers and offer consistent, high quality interactions while reducing operational costs.

Putting in place an IVR system companies will drive new revenue streams, through automated agents, for all interactions. It improves customer satisfaction by creating a new, faster and anywhere-anytime channel.


Automates customer service

IVR software allows companies to provide their customers with self-service to solve issues, find answers to questions without need for the assistance of a human agent.


Increases efficiency

Customer self-service through voice menus, voice commands through speech recognition, and touch-tone phone controls. Reduce the number of agents while increasing service availability and improving customer service levels.


Seamlessly blends self-service with assisted service

Ensure the most unified, consistent, and accurate experience, regardless of where the interaction started or the paths it has been through. Full call context allows the human agent to access all data gathered by the IVR, improving customer satisfaction and first call resolution rates.


Supports 24×7 service

IVR systems make your business available 24X7 at the touch of a button to give your customers the best service.  Ensure that customers are attended to whether they call during a peak when there are no human agents available or after campaign operating hours.


Proactively contacts customers

Engage with customers automatically and proactively in a personalized way. IVR services for outbound contacts call customers to offer relevant products and services, provide useful information, perform surveys, and so on.


Reduces costs

IVR contact center technology allows companies to handle more customers with less human agents. The self-service application increases customer service and agent efficiency.

It can work as the first point of contact of customers with a company, it provides critical information about the caller for routing decisions, saves time by collecting data useful for human agents, and so on, highly reducing call resolution time and improving customer satisfaction.

Celia Cerdeira

Celia Cerdeira

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