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What is Asynchronous Messaging

Published on May 21, 2020 at 1:39 pm in Blog

The world is turning into a very fast paced place and our routines are playing along. We’re busy from the moment we get up until we lay our head on the comfy pillow at the end of the day!

For a large number of people, those are the initial and final moments of being connected to technology in addition to all the bits that they were able to squeeze in between the meetings, doctor appointments, etc. Hence the need of the emergence of a new form of communication: asynchronous messaging, embodied in several channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Slack, among many others.


Because asynchronous messaging is the most convenient for of communication for fast paced people. People use messaging platforms to contact not only with their communities of friends, but also the companies they do business with.

Techopedia defines asynchronous messaging as


a communication method wherein the system puts a message in a message queue and does not require an immediate response to continue processing. Examples include a request for information, explanation or data needed but not needed immediately.


Asynchronous messaging doesn’t need agents and customers to be available at the same time. The conversations starts, pauses, and resumes again when both parties can get to it.


Benefits of Asynchronous Messaging For The Contact Center

benefits of asynchronous messaging

Gives customers freedom of choice

Your customers can reach out to you from anywhere across any channel, leave an come back to the conversation on their own schedule and across devices. Asynchronous messaging supports this scenario. Engage with your customers where they are without losing any conversation context, regardless of the time that has occurred between messages.


Allows agents to multitask

Asynchronous messaging empowers customers to reach the contact center on their own terms and conditions. As such, they don’t expect an immediate answer because they probably wouldn’t even see at that moment anyway. This frees contact center agents to handle and focus on more important tasks that require immediate attention, such as phone calls.


Keeps track of exchanged information

Asynchronous messaging messages are documented by default.  All information exchanged during the conversation, including attachments, are kept, stored, and accessible at all time. No need to keep notes or summaries, just refer to the chat and get what you need.


Provides more complete and thorough answers

Contact centers are fast paced environments and time is a very valuable asset. We’re always looking for ways to optimize time: waiting time, handling time, and so on. However, as important as thinking quick is, customer satisfaction prevails over speed and asynchronous messages gives agents more time to think about the answer without the pressure to respond immediately.

Celia Cerdeira

Celia Cerdeira

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Can't afford losing customers?

Make your Contact Center frustration-free and responsive and respond 100% of customer enquiries.


Can't afford losing customers?

Make your Contact Center frustration-free and responsive and respond 100% of customer enquiries.