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Altitude Xperience

Altitude Xperience is a customer engagement solution that helps companies perform effective data consolidation and establish and maintain a relationship with their customers.

It is a complete, customer engagement suite that provides contact centers with the most advanced technology. Using Altitude Xperience unified communications software, companies can leverage best practices and technology to increase customer loyalty, achieve business goals, and make profit.

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Customer centric view

Our unified communications solution connects all touch points to have a complete unified view of the customer journey. It breaks company siloes to perform data consolidation of all company departments and all customer records into a single place.

Unified communications solutions allow you to perform data consolidation and ensure that customers receive the same accurate, relevant information regardless of the media type they used to reach the contact center, or whether they´re switching from self to assisted service. Unified routing delivers interactions to the most appropriate resource, according to defined skills and priorities, ensuring that customers always get the most knowledgeable agent.
Altitude Xperience is a single, integrated unified communications platform which delivers an extraordinary omnichannel customer experience. It helps agents to make a positive impression, increasing customer engagement and transforming existing customers into brand advocates, who encourage other people to try it.

Specific tools for each business

The technology must respond and adapt to specific needs and requirements. The Altitude Xperience unified communications solution is the perfect match whether your contact center is running inbound, outbound, or blended operations. One unified communications customer engagement suite supports all media channels, including social media and apps. It also integrates self-service applications with agent assisted transactions to give your customers the commodity and freedom of choice.
Our unified communications solution also helps companies to proactively contact their customers to improve customer engagement, loyalty and retention. The unified communications software allows you to provide important and valuable information, such as appointment reminders for your clinic’s patients or check up on elderly people to see how they are doing during heat waves. Proactive service initiatives, such as cross and upsell based on the needs of each customer, also deliver an optimal customer engagement experience. Altitude Dialer controls and automates the dialing process using several attributes, such as required agent skills or best time to call to optimize campaigns. Altitude´s powerful predictive dialing algorithm maximizes the accuracy in predicting agent availability to get higher agent talk times while complying with very strict industry regulations. Management can also break the contact list into different segments to increase the business outcome, as the contact center achieves more results with less contacts.

Powerful insights on performance

Altitude Xperience, our unified communications solution offers contact center management and operations real time information about the performance of the contact center. Alarms on KPIs, queue size, floor plan displays, or the achievement of business goals are only a few examples of what is available, allowing management to make informed decisions and take immediate actions to solve problems. Historical monitoring and reports, customized for each business allow an exhaustive performance analysis and enable contact center management to define actions to improve the future based on real information. Moreover, Altitude Xperience unified communications solution also empowers agents with information about individual and team performance in real time, motivating agents as they know in real time whether they are meeting the objectives or need to work harder.
Altitude Xperience unified communications solution delivers the complete suite or a modular solution, according to the specificities of each business, enabling companies to automatically respond to changing business needs, improve customer service, achieve a significant return on investment and ultimately increase customer engagement and loyalty.