Yes! A cloud contact center is the right move to your business

Published on Aug 16, 2019 at 10:29 am in Blog

Cloud technology solutions are one of the major trends in almost all industries. They provide multiple benefits  and simplify digital transformation processes. They have become essential in the Contact Center sector, since they allow efficient storage of thousands of pieces of data that are generated ever day as well as easy access to the data. In fact, up to 88.8% of customers agree that Contact Center solutions in the cloud allowed them to reduce costs, among other benefits. 

In the last few years, Cloud technology is a concept on the agenda of decision makers as a turning point on their work processes. These technologies are now a reality in which more companies, regardless of the sector are investing, due to the benefits they provide. 

Customer service departments are no strangers to this change, since they generate and process  large amounts of information. This is why they are adapting their software to run their activity on cloud. 

According to a study conducted by Markets and Markets, the Contact Center market on the cloud was valued at 5.73 billion dollars in 2016 and it is expected to reach 20.93 billion dollars in 2022, experiencing an annual growth rate of 25.2%. 

Benefits of using cloud solutions 

Cost savings

For small and medium-sized companies this is the most important benefit due to the significant expenses required by previous solutionsCloud solutions do not require any initial investment or hardware (except PC and headphones) reducing the need for IT personnel. 

Simple management

Cloud solutions enable a simple management of the Contact Center platform without the need of IT . In addition, the company will always have the latest software version compliant with data protection regulations. DNCLs (Do Not Call Lists) can be uploaded  and changed in real-time. 


Flexible subscription models allow the expansion or reduction of the Contact Center platform according to each company’s specific needs, eliminating the costs of non-used licenses during low season or easily increasing during peak season. 


Cloud solutions do not require a contact center in each business location. In addition, employees may work remotely with no need for a new telephony of hardware systems.

Multiple applications: Cloud solutions allow the integration of numerous applications and functionalities, facilitating user access. Altitude Software’s application marketplace, Altitude Xperience Hub, enhances the ecosystem of products and solutions to providing greater value for customers. 

Innovating for the best customer experience 

Altitude Software, true to its commitment in offering innovative products,  provides cloud technology  contact center solutions, to help companies consolidate data efficiently and improve the relationship with their customers. 

Companies using Altitude Xperience cloud platform can benefit from multiple functionalities, such as Xperience Router. It allows simple and fast configuration of routing scripts, with options such as conveying personalized messages while customers wait for an agent or offering a call back if the waiting time is too long. 

The GDPR Portal is another innovative application included in the cloud platform,  enabling GDPR compliance when managing personal customer data. All data is centralized in a single directory, simplifying its organization by categories, as required by the legislation as for audit purposes. 

Cloud platforms allow companies to address customer queries through different channels in a single virtual desktop,  improving agent efficiency and offering a 360-degree view of the Customer Journey.

CIOs must take advantage of cloud solutions benefits, such as recording calls to have greater control over the service quality and to help agents improve their work, establishing KPIs and viewing global results in real time. 

Customer Service is essential for companies who put their customers in the center, and therefore the innovation in this sector is key to guarantee its quality. The adoption of new trends and the benefits offered by cloud technologies represent a change that allows us to easily adapt to the customer´s needs and requirements

Find out how your business can benefit from a cloud solution!

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